I was watching a program about the pyramids that mentioned orbs; they explained that orbs were small concentrations of energy, and the reason that they occurred more frequently/prevalently in some areas (in photographs) over others was due to the areas themselves being more conducive to harnessing/collecting energy; they attracted energy to them.
What if this theory holds true for spiritual energy? It's all energy, right? And, the areas that attract this spiritual energy are somehow more... charged? than other areas? Emotionally charged? Spiritually charged? Mentally charged? Can we, as conductive energy beings, attract the orbs to us, somehow, much like a charged area/site? Maybe certain people, as well as areas, resonate, etc, on more attractive frequencies than others...?
What do you think?
No, its not much, but it is something. A good start to the Spring, anyhow!
The ground is still too damp for much outdoor investigating, and most days still too cool and breezy.
Still, the energy so far this Spring seems fairly positive. Hopefully this year will bring many interesting experiences!
Gambatta, ne!