I figured out how to stack the links, so the tabs look neater, etc. Much more streamlined, now. Feel like an oaf, though; it was really easy. Duh. ;-)
I have some more tidbits to post, just not having enough time right now. Working on it as I have time. Having to research the ideas first is what kind of sucked some of my time away. But I do so love the research. Ah well. Be patient; I will get it done. :-)
We had an interesting investigation that went really well over the weekend of the 17th. Too bad we can't post anything about it. At least, not yet. Maybe sometime in the future.
It was extremely informative, though, as far as gear we may need to have handy next time, etc.
Well, we have worked out a logo design. Certainly not set in stone forever, but I think it turned out all right. :-) Hopefully it will look good on the website, etc.
We now have a new page added, "Phenomena", which will include things that fall beyond the realm of ghosts, and ghost-related topics.
I have also added a short comment about the Boot Hill EVP's, in case anyone was waiting for them.
We are also working on a logo design; at least, a logo to start with. Updates will follow! :-)
D has refined the opening dialog for the front page; I think it is a good addition.