Got a sneak preview of some new EVP's from a recent investigation... wow... even with my measly laptop speakers, I was fascinated & creeped-out (a little). Good work everyone! Hopefully soon more info will be posted to the site. Thanks for the patience, everyone! :-)
Well, we have earned a whopping $2.20 with the ads so far... ;-) And you know, that it totally all right. If you wanna click, go for it; but we will never pressure or guilt-trip if you don't. So much better than the in-laws! Ha ha ha. Apt comparison, considering the Holidays are almost upon us. ;-)

Finally, with the onset of all this colder weather, I am getting time to add things to the site. :-) Dennis added an update to the front page, and I am getting tidbits inserted here and there. :-) Hope it is enough to tide everyone over until the next big investigation is added! :-) Thanks for being patient, everyone! A