Well, even being sick I have managed to add a few updates to the site. Updated some fonts, more color consistency, etc. Let me know what you think of the changes.
I have also added a new photo from the second visit to the Shelton Hotel; the only one to produce an orb. We are working on getting audio uploaded from both visits, but are having some technical difficulties.




I was watching a program about the pyramids that mentioned orbs; they explained that orbs were small concentrations of energy, and the reason that they occurred more frequently/prevalently in some areas (in photographs) over others was due to the areas themselves being more conducive to harnessing/collecting energy; they attracted energy to them.
What if this theory holds true for spiritual energy? It's all energy, right? And, the areas that attract this spiritual energy are somehow more... charged? than other areas? Emotionally charged? Spiritually charged? Mentally charged? Can we, as conductive energy beings, attract the orbs to us, somehow, much like a charged area/site? Maybe certain people, as well as areas, resonate, etc, on more attractive frequencies than others...?
What do you think?
No, its not much, but it is something. A good start to the Spring, anyhow!
The ground is still too damp for much outdoor investigating, and most days still too cool and breezy.
Still, the energy so far this Spring seems fairly positive. Hopefully this year will bring many interesting experiences!
Gambatta, ne!
We have been having some discussion about EVP’s.

Some groups/websites post their EVP’s with a detailed description of exactly what is going on and what/when exactly the listener should listen for/hear.

I personally don't like to "pre-suggest" to the listener what they "should" be hearing. I prefer the listener to hear whatever they hear …for themselves...

(This, coincidentally, is how I approached my art work [the more subjective bits]; I never "told" people what it was, or about; they made up their own minds, saw what they wanted to see... what resonated with them, etc. I wasn't going to dictate to them what/how they should feel, etc about it.)

Same (for me) goes for the EVP's... if someone is sure they hear, "Mommy", but you tell them, "no, 'Molly'"… a whisper, or simply static, it may lessen the personal impact the experience could be for them; four people in a room can have markedly different experiences, even though they are all there, together, at the same time. It is quite a subjective thing. A matter of personal reality, I think. I don't feel like we should try to control/dictate that. I think it can come off as an attempt to push/convince the listener to agree with what is being presented. What do you think?




Dennis got a really interesting shot of orbs at a site check recently. Arborville Cemetery. Interesting in that, there were none in any of the other shots, and two of the shots were back-to-back shots of the same thing. Hmmm... What do you think?




I have added an ad to each page, in the hope that will promote variety. I have also broadened the range of ads; the topics I thought would get clicks, haven't been. We have been getting clicks on a wider range of topics, so I thought I would broaden the range of ads temporarily, and then go back and look where folks have shown the most interest; then narrow the topic list to reflect that interest. Again, I hope that none are offensive in any way; please let me know.
Hello, everyone! It certainly feels like Spring has sprung! I hope this weather lasts. Drier ground and warmer temps mean more potential adventure! :-)
I have updated the website; I feel like the green text is a little easier to read... let me know what you think!
I have also tried to make the pages more easily accessible. Hopefully this will make for more intuitive viewing.
Dennis has asked me to post some more EVPs recorded at the Boot Hill site. Just keep in mind that there was only one investigator present; you decide! :-)
Well, there is another cemetery site check, as well as an interesting report of a possible Bigfoot-type sighting posted. Enjoy!
Seems like the weather is finally getting more Spring-like; hopefully that means the temperature and ground moisture will allow for ventures beyond. ;-)
Well, so far, since May, we have generated a whopping $10.01 in revenue from the ads! ;-) Hahaha...
Hey! That's a good start, eh? Still, we don't actually get "paid" until we have reached $100.00 in revenue... eventually, right? Once we reach our threshold, I plan to pose to the group that we possibly use the funds to get our own domain for a year, etc. That's a ways off; could be that something more important is on the table by then... :-) Just another, what; 70 months to go? hahaha...