We have added two new Boot Hill photos, as well as an investigation report for Homerville. 
Dennis has asked me to post some more EVPs recorded at the Boot Hill site. Just keep in mind that there was only one investigator present; you decide! :-)
Added some photos that Dennis took of the Boot Hill site investigation. I think they really captured the summer feeling, if not the isolation of the location.
Well, looks like I am closer to trying to post the EVP recordings to the site; I am interested to see if I can get it to work!
Added notes from a visit by Dennis to Lowell's Boot Hill over the holiday weekend. Sounds interesting. I'd like to import the actual recordings, but that may be harder than it sounds.
Added some info on Boot Hill that Dennis transcribed from an old book; it is interesting. I guess, if you grew up in the area, it's old hat, so to speak. (Or, should I say, 'old boot', haha)
The information is from a book written in the 1970's, so it will be interesting to make a comparison. 
Got another location to try to dig up info on; a place outside of Gibbon called "Boot Hill". Maybe I can find enough to post here.