Added a report to the Cameron Cemetery page. :-)
We have added two new Boot Hill photos, as well as an investigation report for Homerville. 
More photos from the Garfield Cemetery have been posted, as well as some photos & one EVP from another visit to the Homerville Cemetery.
Photos from the Garfield Cemetery have been posted.




Dennis got a really interesting shot of orbs at a site check recently. Arborville Cemetery. Interesting in that, there were none in any of the other shots, and two of the shots were back-to-back shots of the same thing. Hmmm... What do you think?
Dennis has asked me to post some more EVPs recorded at the Boot Hill site. Just keep in mind that there was only one investigator present; you decide! :-)
Well, there is another cemetery site check, as well as an interesting report of a possible Bigfoot-type sighting posted. Enjoy!
Seems like the weather is finally getting more Spring-like; hopefully that means the temperature and ground moisture will allow for ventures beyond. ;-)
More Homerville cemetery photos added! Thanks, Dennis! :-)
Added some anecdotal info about another idea; a grave in the Aurora cemetery. I doubt with all the traffic, there'd be much energy left - if the stories are even true. Might be a good one to debunk. Maybe further research could shed some light on things.
Added some photos from another cemetery site check! :-)