Well, got the photos and the partial report posted - finally!
Yes, there is even more coming; soon. Just got to get a little time, haha! Tidbits, and a new investigation. :-) Thank you for your patience!
Another cemetery site check added the other day; thanks D & B! The photos turned out nice! Those hidden, rural sites are interesting; like an artifact of times past.
I was able to accomplish two site checks yesterday. My notes are posted. I found that I really DO need to bring a map, even though I think I know my way around. The camera seemed to be adequate, as well. I don't think the Portal cemetery is viable, but I think that Bellevue's is worth at least an in-depth look at the older areas, just for interest's sake. It was fun, even though I went it alone. What little dirt-road-driving I did, seemed fairly dry. Good sign for any future sites.
I am really hoping to get a couple of site checks in this weekend. Just me, during the day, and only in town, of course, but still... it's something...
Added another cemetery to the list. I think I remember seeing this sign when I lived in the area. Just never able to take a look.
Am contemplating getting site checks done for the 2 Omaha-area cemeteries; one of these free weekends.
D gave me another idea for a site near Gibbon, so will look for info on that to add to the page.