The Nebraska Phantasms revealed their findings concerning the investigation of the Shelton Historical Society to the Lincoln Highway Association Board of Directors, Monday March 4th, 2013.
Reception and interest was good. :-)
The investigation report and EVPs have been posted to the site.
Thank you very much for visiting the site! 
We should have some new EVPs posted soon! :-)
Three new EVPs have been posted under the Sites tab. Enjoy! :-)
EVP's from the Shelton Hotel have been posted. Look under the third investigation. Listen and decide. :-)
I finally got the first of what I hope are many EVP's related to the Shelton Hotel site. It is quite compelling, in my opinion. Everyone will have to listen and decide for themselves.
We have been having some discussion about EVP’s.

Some groups/websites post their EVP’s with a detailed description of exactly what is going on and what/when exactly the listener should listen for/hear.

I personally don't like to "pre-suggest" to the listener what they "should" be hearing. I prefer the listener to hear whatever they hear …for themselves...

(This, coincidentally, is how I approached my art work [the more subjective bits]; I never "told" people what it was, or about; they made up their own minds, saw what they wanted to see... what resonated with them, etc. I wasn't going to dictate to them what/how they should feel, etc about it.)

Same (for me) goes for the EVP's... if someone is sure they hear, "Mommy", but you tell them, "no, 'Molly'"… a whisper, or simply static, it may lessen the personal impact the experience could be for them; four people in a room can have markedly different experiences, even though they are all there, together, at the same time. It is quite a subjective thing. A matter of personal reality, I think. I don't feel like we should try to control/dictate that. I think it can come off as an attempt to push/convince the listener to agree with what is being presented. What do you think?

Dennis has asked me to post some more EVPs recorded at the Boot Hill site. Just keep in mind that there was only one investigator present; you decide! :-)
I have posted a sampling of 6 EVP's from the Frederick investigation. There are 3 that I personally felt were especially significant; but you listen and decide. (having the volume UP helps) Please remember that different speakers, etc, will give different results.
Two small audio files have been posted; not from the Frederick investigation, but still interesting.
Got a sneak preview of some new EVP's from a recent investigation... wow... even with my measly laptop speakers, I was fascinated & creeped-out (a little). Good work everyone! Hopefully soon more info will be posted to the site. Thanks for the patience, everyone! :-)