Got a sneak preview of some new EVP's from a recent investigation... wow... even with my measly laptop speakers, I was fascinated & creeped-out (a little). Good work everyone! Hopefully soon more info will be posted to the site. Thanks for the patience, everyone! :-)
Well, we have worked out a logo design. Certainly not set in stone forever, but I think it turned out all right. :-) Hopefully it will look good on the website, etc.
We now have a new page added, "Phenomena", which will include things that fall beyond the realm of ghosts, and ghost-related topics.
I have also added a short comment about the Boot Hill EVP's, in case anyone was waiting for them.
We are also working on a logo design; at least, a logo to start with. Updates will follow! :-)
To remove the "weebly" from our link, and have it look more "traditional" (".com"), will cost $40. A year. So, that seems like a nice goal, maybe. Or, maybe the funds are better used to get supplies, etc. Whenever we actually have some funds, we can make that choice.
Well, I have started the process to start putting a few ads on the website. It's a 2-3 day process, I guess; I haven't even given them account info, yet, either.  (?) I have found out that we can't use PayPal, so, I think I will opt for paper checks - IF we ever make enough to ever get a check... ha-ha. We get 50% of all revenue. They pay once a month, and won't pay it it is less than $10 bucks. So... it may be interesting. We shall see. I had to create an email address, and a Google dashboard-account. So, we do have an email address:
I made a silly avatar, but I may just put a photo up. Generic landscape, or something. We will see. So! Email if you would like to be a contact connection, etc! :-)
Wow, campers... more rain... doesn't make for very good hunting conditions, but it is good for the earth. And the cool temps put a damper on things, as well...
Hopefully soon, the weather will warm up, and ideas will start congealing... :-)
Well, looks like our first location maybe over the holiday weekend; it's definitely a possibility! :-)
More and more organized as the days go by... more solid ideas as far as group rules, etc. More solid plans as far as how to approach sites, hunts, guests, information, etc. Getting lists of gear organized, as well; what everyone can bring/contribute.
I have been thinking about looking for some kind of map, whether paper or digital, that would make it easier to keep track of any/all locations...
D and I have talked about, at least to start, keeping things connected to trips already being taken, to save gas, etc. If one or more of us is going to be in the area, then maybe look for something along the way, etc. OR, possibly, combining multiple locations into one trip's worth of gas...
D suggested not limiting our investigations to only hauntings; any strange goings-on are fair game! Sounds interesting to me!