Two orb photos have been posted under the Sites tab. Anonymous, but interesting! What do you think?
Updates to the site were posted over the holiday weekend. An old photo of the Shelton Hotel, as well as some history and one of the investigation reports. Ot
More photos from the Shelton hotel added today. A third visit with one of the owners, and a reveal of one of the EVP's captured.




Dennis got a really interesting shot of orbs at a site check recently. Arborville Cemetery. Interesting in that, there were none in any of the other shots, and two of the shots were back-to-back shots of the same thing. Hmmm... What do you think?
More Homerville cemetery photos added! Thanks, Dennis! :-)
Added some photos that Dennis took of the Boot Hill site investigation. I think they really captured the summer feeling, if not the isolation of the location.