Entered a new survey under the Phenomena tab; it's about blood types. No, I am not an undercover Red Cross agent, I have just been reading some things lately that had me curious about what the distribution of blood types were amongst the folks that come to the site. Mostly affinity to the paranormal, etc. And, mostly personal curiosity. I didn't want to skew the results by saying what was what, until I had a few votes. I think it is quite interesting, especially when you start looking at similarities. Just for fun & trivia's sake, of course!




I was watching a program about the pyramids that mentioned orbs; they explained that orbs were small concentrations of energy, and the reason that they occurred more frequently/prevalently in some areas (in photographs) over others was due to the areas themselves being more conducive to harnessing/collecting energy; they attracted energy to them.
What if this theory holds true for spiritual energy? It's all energy, right? And, the areas that attract this spiritual energy are somehow more... charged? than other areas? Emotionally charged? Spiritually charged? Mentally charged? Can we, as conductive energy beings, attract the orbs to us, somehow, much like a charged area/site? Maybe certain people, as well as areas, resonate, etc, on more attractive frequencies than others...?
What do you think?
We have been having some discussion about EVP’s.

Some groups/websites post their EVP’s with a detailed description of exactly what is going on and what/when exactly the listener should listen for/hear.

I personally don't like to "pre-suggest" to the listener what they "should" be hearing. I prefer the listener to hear whatever they hear …for themselves...

(This, coincidentally, is how I approached my art work [the more subjective bits]; I never "told" people what it was, or about; they made up their own minds, saw what they wanted to see... what resonated with them, etc. I wasn't going to dictate to them what/how they should feel, etc about it.)

Same (for me) goes for the EVP's... if someone is sure they hear, "Mommy", but you tell them, "no, 'Molly'"… a whisper, or simply static, it may lessen the personal impact the experience could be for them; four people in a room can have markedly different experiences, even though they are all there, together, at the same time. It is quite a subjective thing. A matter of personal reality, I think. I don't feel like we should try to control/dictate that. I think it can come off as an attempt to push/convince the listener to agree with what is being presented. What do you think?

Finally finished adding the text for Fort Banishment. I think that takes care of the bulk of the ideas we have recently gathered. There may be a couple of smaller, less developed things added here and there.
I have some more tidbits to post, just not having enough time right now. Working on it as I have time. Having to research the ideas first is what kind of sucked some of my time away. But I do so love the research. Ah well. Be patient; I will get it done. :-)
I was surprised at the websites that had something listed for Nebraska... now, to sift through it all, and to decide what is worth taking a look at. Go where everyone else has been, or go to only unmentioned places? Go at night, or during the day? Local or long distance? Good questions...
I have also broadened the search to include ghost towns and abandoned spaces; things like that. A hurdle may be that some potentially interesting locations could be off-limits; I doubt getting arrested should be part of the plan.
Well, this is all the inspiration of Dennis W. He got my kooky little brain working, and so now this is the result. I figure, good or bad, it may be fun to record how this all stacks up and goes down, so to speak. ;-)
So far, it is just in it's infancy; merely an idea.
Dennis has accepted my offer to do research for this coming Summer; find possible locations, etc. I am curious and interested to see what is out there, and maybe what we can find that is new.
Now matter how 'serious' or not this all ends up being, this will undoubtedly be interesting. :-)