Finally! Some warmer weather! Really starts to get the urge to investigate going! I hope it lasts! Another positive: the mild winter means that there shouldn't be much issue from the melt-off; the mud, etc. Now, that's not to say that it won't rain this spring, but we aren't starting with saturated earth.
No, its not much, but it is something. A good start to the Spring, anyhow!
The ground is still too damp for much outdoor investigating, and most days still too cool and breezy.
Still, the energy so far this Spring seems fairly positive. Hopefully this year will bring many interesting experiences!
Gambatta, ne!
Well, there is another cemetery site check, as well as an interesting report of a possible Bigfoot-type sighting posted. Enjoy!
Seems like the weather is finally getting more Spring-like; hopefully that means the temperature and ground moisture will allow for ventures beyond. ;-)
I think the snow is gone for a while, but now the rain is here. I thought maybe we'd get to dry out a little. Any other time, I wouldn't mind. I like rain and fog, etc. This type of weather doesn't make going down the "non-beaten path" very accessible. Or keeps the footprint minimal. So, we wait for things to dry out a bit.
If only the weather would warm up... and then, dry everything out a bit. I have a feeling it will be a bit before anything but standard road surface is passable.