Well, I have started the process to start putting a few ads on the website. It's a 2-3 day process, I guess; I haven't even given them account info, yet, either.  (?) I have found out that we can't use PayPal, so, I think I will opt for paper checks - IF we ever make enough to ever get a check... ha-ha. We get 50% of all revenue. They pay once a month, and won't pay it it is less than $10 bucks. So... it may be interesting. We shall see. I had to create an email address, and a Google dashboard-account. So, we do have an email address: nebraskaphantasms@yahoo.com
I made a silly avatar, but I may just put a photo up. Generic landscape, or something. We will see. So! Email if you would like to be a contact connection, etc! :-)

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