If only the weather would warm up... and then, dry everything out a bit. I have a feeling it will be a bit before anything but standard road surface is passable.
Got another location to try to dig up info on; a place outside of Gibbon called "Boot Hill". Maybe I can find enough to post here.
Am contemplating getting site checks done for the 2 Omaha-area cemeteries; one of these free weekends.
D gave me another idea for a site near Gibbon, so will look for info on that to add to the page.
Added some meta search terms; maybe now, there is more of a chance that it may come up in a search or two.
Well, the cat is out of the bag... shared the link on FB. :-)
Time to see what people think, I guess. Hopefully it is at least neutral, if not positive. I'd really like people to vote; I'd like to get a feeling for how receptive people would be to an ad or two... Well, wait and see, I guess.
More and more organized as the days go by... more solid ideas as far as group rules, etc. More solid plans as far as how to approach sites, hunts, guests, information, etc. Getting lists of gear organized, as well; what everyone can bring/contribute.
Got all the ghost towns added. Stayed to the bottom-half of the state. Maybe some of them will be interesting enough to pursue. One looks like it could even tempt Robert to tag along; Indian Cave State Park looks like a place to go 4-wheeling. :-)
I also added some Inter-Omaha locations; they may get a sooner-than-later look-see, if the free time allows. Daytime only, probably...
Got a few more links whittled away. Been looking through a list of ghost towns; there may be a few, actually. More road-trip than anything, I am sure... question arose in my mind about whether any of us have transportation for the 'off-road' type of adventures. Definitely not mine; maybe we can commandeer the Mun-Keh for those types of things... more expensive fuel, though.
The bios look good; hopefully they work the way I have them placed on the page. That can always be adjusted, too.
I got a few of those sites looked at; some whittled-down. One of the few places that piqued my interest was the Kearney Area Children's Museum; if I can find some more info about it, I will post it.
Maybe this weekend I can get some reading done; get some of these websites looked at and whittled-down. Will do my best. :-)
I have been considering adding an ad or two, when/if the site ever gets enough traffic... maybe could use the ads to fund the site/group, somehow... use the funds to buy the domain? use the funds to, say, buy a flashlight or a voice recorder? Things like that. Hmmm... Well - not entirely up to me. ;-)