EVP's from the Shelton Hotel have been posted. Look under the third investigation. Listen and decide. :-)
Dennis has finally agreed that a Facebook page might be useful. So, I have created one. Feel free to "like" us! The Facebook page is not intended to replace this website, though.
More like a 'teaser'; another way to stay updated on what is going on, and to get more feedback from our followers. As always, please feel free to send us comments, etc.
Thank you!
More photos from the Shelton hotel added today. A third visit with one of the owners, and a reveal of one of the EVP's captured.
Entered a new survey under the Phenomena tab; it's about blood types. No, I am not an undercover Red Cross agent, I have just been reading some things lately that had me curious about what the distribution of blood types were amongst the folks that come to the site. Mostly affinity to the paranormal, etc. And, mostly personal curiosity. I didn't want to skew the results by saying what was what, until I had a few votes. I think it is quite interesting, especially when you start looking at similarities. Just for fun & trivia's sake, of course!
I finally got the first of what I hope are many EVP's related to the Shelton Hotel site. It is quite compelling, in my opinion. Everyone will have to listen and decide for themselves.
Well, even being sick I have managed to add a few updates to the site. Updated some fonts, more color consistency, etc. Let me know what you think of the changes.
I have also added a new photo from the second visit to the Shelton Hotel; the only one to produce an orb. We are working on getting audio uploaded from both visits, but are having some technical difficulties.