_ Hello, Phellow Phantasms! This past weekend was an interesting one! We were lucky to have had access to a wonderful site that afforded us a very interesting investigation! We were also spoiled by the fact that it was an in-use indoor site, with fully functioning bathrooms! ;-) Once we get through the 21+ hours of audio, hopefully we will find some interesting EVP’s! …We already have an interesting orb or two… ;-)
This weekend is looking to be very promising - we will keep you posted as things develop!
Potential new investigations already underway for the new year! We will keep you posted!
Added a report to the Cameron Cemetery page. :-)
Well! I feel as if I have negelcted this blog, since our creation of the Facebook Page! My apologies! But, it has proved useful as a way to announce new items to the site. The Holidays have been very busy for us all; we look forward to more investigations as soon as things calm down, schedule-wise. The weather has been VERY cooperative in our areas of Nebraska this winter (so far); that could all change in January, February, and March, though. Our weather is quite ...temperamantal... we shall see if there are any opportunities for Winter investigations. But, on that note, that means that Spring is only 3 months away! So, soon enough things will pick up. Downtime is great for replenishing stock, and for going through any data that we may not have had time for. 
Hopefully everyone has a great rest of the Holidays, and a wonderful start to 2012! 
Thank you again for visiting the site, clicking ads, and for the interest! We all appreciate it!
Another UFO sighting has been posted in the Phenomena section. Interesting.
The first round of t-shirts was delivered over the weekend. so far, the feedback has been positive! Hopefully we can get to a point where we can actually sell them to the general public.
Added an interesting article on the Phenomena page. Enjoy!
We have added two new Boot Hill photos, as well as an investigation report for Homerville. 
Well, we are working on getting items for the group, such as tees and pins... more details to follow!