We have been having some discussion about EVP’s.

Some groups/websites post their EVP’s with a detailed description of exactly what is going on and what/when exactly the listener should listen for/hear.

I personally don't like to "pre-suggest" to the listener what they "should" be hearing. I prefer the listener to hear whatever they hear …for themselves...

(This, coincidentally, is how I approached my art work [the more subjective bits]; I never "told" people what it was, or about; they made up their own minds, saw what they wanted to see... what resonated with them, etc. I wasn't going to dictate to them what/how they should feel, etc about it.)

Same (for me) goes for the EVP's... if someone is sure they hear, "Mommy", but you tell them, "no, 'Molly'"… a whisper, or simply static, it may lessen the personal impact the experience could be for them; four people in a room can have markedly different experiences, even though they are all there, together, at the same time. It is quite a subjective thing. A matter of personal reality, I think. I don't feel like we should try to control/dictate that. I think it can come off as an attempt to push/convince the listener to agree with what is being presented. What do you think?

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