While I woudn't think that one person's individual, personal  experiences would be subject to dictation or control by anyone else, I have submitted to the whims of a completely noninterested stranger and removed something they felt was "offensive". It is a bit irking, but the sooner we are rid that negative influence, the better. Be done with it; "good riddance to bad rubbish", I guess. Too bad, though. Free speech, and all that. My first thought was, "well, too bad you can't just block someone from having access to the site" (you can, but then it would have to be password protected, etc), and then I felt like, "you know what - you don't like it, don't look at it..."
Then I realized that this stranger was getting what they wanted; to drag others into their reality and through their drama.
So... I resolutely refuse to let that happen.
But, I may consider adding a disclaimer to the site.

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