The Shelton investigations were very interesting. Lots of audio to go through, though. Will let you know if there are any interesting evp's
dick mcbride
3/2/2016 14:28:37

howdy do,

wow my son stumbled onto your site when he was google the name shelton hotel. well i just happen to have a very close tie to the old place. my grandma and grandpa purchased the hotel in 1953 and it has been owned by our family until we sold it to richard mathieson in i think around 10 yrs. ago. they lived there until my grama passed in 1982. and she was still runnin the place. she died one day sittin in her rockin chair in the livin room. and a family friend stopped to have coffey with her and found her. a lot of people stopped by to visit her every her every day as she had so many great friends in town. so if you would like to visit about the history from 1953 till it was razed i would love to visit with you. there is a lot of wonderful stories about my family there and us kids growin up at that place, so give me a call if you would like. thanks, dick mcbride 402 440 2223


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