Well, this is interesting. Someone has approached the group about a radio interview; a paranormal program out of Lincoln. If the interview actually takes place, it won't be until sometime in 2014 - we will keep you posted, though, as we get more details!
The Nebraska Phantasms revealed their findings concerning the investigation of the Shelton Historical Society to the Lincoln Highway Association Board of Directors, Monday March 4th, 2013.
Reception and interest was good. :-)
The investigation report and EVPs have been posted to the site.
Thank you very much for visiting the site! 
The Shelton investigations were very interesting. Lots of audio to go through, though. Will let you know if there are any interesting evp's
Well, our prime season is underway with a great start! Hope to have details posted soon! Thank you for visiting the site!
_ Hello, Phellow Phantasms! This past weekend was an interesting one! We were lucky to have had access to a wonderful site that afforded us a very interesting investigation! We were also spoiled by the fact that it was an in-use indoor site, with fully functioning bathrooms! ;-) Once we get through the 21+ hours of audio, hopefully we will find some interesting EVP’s! …We already have an interesting orb or two… ;-)
This weekend is looking to be very promising - we will keep you posted as things develop!
Potential new investigations already underway for the new year! We will keep you posted!
The first round of t-shirts was delivered over the weekend. so far, the feedback has been positive! Hopefully we can get to a point where we can actually sell them to the general public.
Hello, Readers!
I was just reminded that, tomorrow will mark one year since our first investigation! My how time has flown! Now, we have been an organized group for longer, but that is still a milestone!
Well, so far, since May, we have generated a whopping $10.01 in revenue from the ads! ;-) Hahaha...
Hey! That's a good start, eh? Still, we don't actually get "paid" until we have reached $100.00 in revenue... eventually, right? Once we reach our threshold, I plan to pose to the group that we possibly use the funds to get our own domain for a year, etc. That's a ways off; could be that something more important is on the table by then... :-) Just another, what; 70 months to go? hahaha...